• VIKIA Rota-Adeno

VIKIA® Rota-Adeno 

Immediate diagnosis of viral gastroenteritis

VIKIA® Rota-Adeno is a simple rapid test used as an aid in the immediate diagnosis of viral gastroenteritis by rotaviruses and adenoviruses. It simultaneously detects both viruses in stool specimens.

  • High sensitivity and specificity versus commercial rapid tests
  • Ready-to-use kit
  • Avoids inadequate antibiotic treatment and enables limitation of outbreaks


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VIKIA® Rota-Adeno is a rapid, qualitative, chromatographic immunoassay for the simultaneous detection of rotaviruses and adenoviruses, which are responsible for the majority of pediatric diarrhea cases. Rapid diagnosis of the infectious agent avoids unnecessary antibiotic treatment and leads to rapid isolation of infected patients.

High performance

  • Very low viral detection limit:
    • Lower than ELISA or latex tests
    • Enables diagnosis of diarrhea with low viral loads
    • No need for stool suspension sedimentation: use of a minute stool sample for a quicker result
  • High sensitivity relative to another ICT test*:
    Rotavirus : 100 % [96.3 - 100]
    Adenovirus : 97.6 % [87.4 - 99.6]
  • High specificity relative to another ICT test *: 100 % [98.6 - 100]

* See package insert for performance details.

Extreme ease of use

  • One single stool extract for the simultaneous detection of rotaviruses and adenoviruses
  • Only 10 minutes from sample dispense to results
  • Just 3 steps to perform directly on stool specimens:

50 mg (size equivalent to 1/4 of a pea) or 50 µl of stool diluted in the vial and homogenized

2- Dispensation:
2 drops dispensed into the cassette sample well

3- Reading:
Blue line = rotavirus
Red line = adenovirus
No control line = invalid test


  • After stool collection, everything required for the procedure is included in the kit: vials with sticks, disposable specimen droppers
  • Safe procedure: very limited contact with stool specimen
Technical specifications for VIKIA® Rota-Adeno
Reference 31 111
Tests/kit 20
Each kit includes:
- 20 ready-to-use test devices
- 20 disposable specimen droppers
- 20 vials of fecal specimen dilution buffer
Time to result 10 minutes
Sample type Fecal specimen
Sample volume 50 µL
Sensitivity Rotavirus: 100% [96.3 - 100] (103 positive stool specimens)
Adenovirus: 97.6% [87.4 - 99.6] (42 positive stool specimens)
Specificity 100% [98.6-100] (290 negative stool specimens)
Shelf life 18 months
Storage temperature 4-30°C

VIKIA Rota-Adeno Kit



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