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Integrated lab optimization and automation

WASPLab® empowered by bioMérieux, is today’s solution for microbiology lab automation. You’ll go beyond automation to meet the challenge of offering fast, reliable diagnostic results every time.

  • Optimal workflow with modular, scalable solution to suit your lab
  • Innovative digital bacteriology for sophisticated imaging & easier interpretation
  • Frees skilled staff to focus on interpretive work
  • Exclusive bioMérieux services to help you maximize lab efficiency
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Complete, flexible solution

WASPLab® offers an integrated, flexible approach to optimizing your lab. It’s a smart investment in the age of the automated lab. Modular and scalable, you choose the features and options that offer the best added value for you – and you can always add more later to boost efficiency even further.

  • WASP® Walk Away Specimen Processor
  • Automatic plate transport from streaking to imaging and incubation
  • True T0 imaging for reliable plate image analysis
  • WASPLab® Smart Incubators
  • Custom timely adapted plate image recording and sophisticated analysis
  • Three lighting imager for optimized images
  • WASPLab® workstations that can easily be added as your lab grows
  • Automated waste, consolidated plate unload, 24/7 system operation
  • C-tracer for day 1 integrated workflow

High efficiency incubators

With excellent thermal conductivity, WASPLab® Smart Incubators reach optimal temperature and atmospheric conditions rapidly. Uniform and stable controlled conditions ensure better colony growth. This means faster turnaround times and delivery of results for better patient care.  

  • 2 sizes storage capacity to fit flexibly into your lab, single incubator for 854 plates or double for 1,708 plates
  • Each plate is assigned a barcode-based individual position for random and rapid retrieval
  • Compact, modular incubator shelves are easily removed for autoclaving, helping ensure sanitary conditions


Exclusive imaging analysis

WASPLab® Image Acquisition System

The WASPLab® image acquisition technology uses a highly sophisticated lighting and camera system to make each plate image clear and accurate.  It’s like using a plate microscope with every plate, so you can reliably make accurate work-up decisions.

The WASPLab® camera optics makes all colony views crystal clear, no matter the agar thickness. The resulting usable image of the plate is 27 megapixels, so colonies even smaller than 0.1 mm are visible. This larger-than-life image can help you detect growth not seen by naked eye on the actual plate.



True Time Zero recording – The unique feature allowing accurate and reliable high throughput reading 

How do you know what growth is relevant if you don’t truly know what was existing on a plate?

The WASPLab® imaging system captures high resolution images of plates before incubation to automatically identify and eliminate any existing artifact. This high resolution Time Zero image approach for differential image analysis is the only reliable warranty for accurate pathogen growth detection algorithm and high throughput reading.


High throughput reading only available with WASPLab® allows you to:

  • Quickly discard negative plates in one click - free user time

  • Focus on critical positive samples right away for immediate impact on time to report

Up to 30 results in one click


bioMérieux integrated solution from inoculation to ID/AST result

You can achieve top performance with WASPLab® empowered by bioMérieux – a new, integrated approach to microbiology lab operation.

It’s a complete range of services and instrumentation that serve laboratories of all sizes and types to ensure best results from inoculation to ID/AST. Possibilities include full integration among WASPLab®VITEK® 2 and VITEK® MS workflow to streamline processes and increase efficiency.

VITEK® MS integration interface VITEK® 2 integration interface


WASPLab® is part of bioMérieux’s comprehensive approach to lab efficiency.

At bioMérieux, we understand your dilemmas and we’re a partner who can help you succeed. We leverage our unique microbiology perspective and expertise to partner with you to build and implement a personalized approach to maximizing your lab efficiency.


Lab Organization Services

You are challenged to “do more with less”, and we’re by your side.

After conducting a strategic assessment of your lab, we collaborate on a plan with you based on 3 main dimensions for action: process, people and technology. Together, we develop and implement solutions that respond directly to your particular challenges.

Our core offer is made of 3 services that are complementary:

LAB PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT: Have a clear picture of your current performance and discover the improvement opportunities you have in the short, medium and long term

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT EVENTS: Experience a tangible transformation in the areas you choose/need to improve

LAB DESIGN ASSESSMENT: Have a clear picture of your future Lab in terms of resources and improvement opportunities

Additionally to these 3 services, that can be applied to any area in the lab, from pre-analytics to post-analytics, we have a customized offer for our WASPLab customers, to give the specific input and support you need to go live successfully in your Lab Automation journey:


Microbiology Lab Diagnosis

bioMérieux brings the strength of more than 50 years of working with labs. We understand the advances in microbiology and laboratory technology, as well as the growing challenges due to pressures like emerging diseases, aging populations, cost containment pressures, and an ever-stricter regulatory environment. We bring the expertise gained of that experience to our lab diagnosis services. What we do:

  • Gather data needed to understand your situation, your workflow, workload and lab layout
  • Perform TAT (Turn Around Time) analysis
  • Map your layout in 2D or 3D
  • Assess your resources
  • Analyze LIS capabilities and requirements

With these steps, we can guide you to ways of doing more with your resources and optimizing strategies for the future. You’ll gain real insights into quality and efficiency improvements, and time and cost savings. We can then help you implement your best strategies.


Change Management Consultancy: WASPLab® Solution Discovery

bioMérieux developed a customized change management consultancy package, to be deployed in our WASPLab customers to help you adopt the best practices and to facilitate the technology adoption process of your lab staff around WASPLab® Solution.

With our service you will have a tangible support managing the change effectively with the last goal of getting the commitment, satisfaction and motivation of your Laboratory staff in the project that we will run together. The different modules that compound the service are structured in a way that help the participants understand, envision and take ownership of the future daily work with WASPLab® solution. The modules were developed by and for a multidisciplinary team, including Microbiology experts and work psychologist, to ensure that we cover all technical aspects, using pedagogical scenarios that are friendly and fun for the participants.

During the modules, we cover all main components of the solution, detecting preconceptions and prejudices, clarifying doubts, answering questions about the impact of all of them in the daily life of the personnel.


Training services

bioMérieux training services help provide the skills and knowledge for you to get the most out of your WASP® and WASPLab® investment and increase efficiency in the lab. Our proposition covers the entire analytical process in the lab including science and practice.

  • Realize the potential of your WASP® and WASPLab® systems
  • Help reach your lab performance objectives
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Keep staff motivated
  • Comply with regulation/compliance requirements
  • Eligible for continuing education funding
  • Training done by microbiology experts


Support and maintenance services

To ensure you fully benefit from your WASP® and WASPLab® investment, we’ve got your back with dedicated support and maintenance services.






external dimension
(width, lenght, hight) 



Single incubator

854 plates

830 w x 1120 l x 2313 h 

 875 kg

Dual incubator

1708 plates

830 w x 1738 l x 2313h

 1175 kg


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